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[XML-SIG] WSDL library ?

Uche Ogbuji wrote:
>> > Eron Lloyd wrote:
>> > >
>> > > I've been playing with wsdllib, from a IBM developerWorks article by Uche.
>> > > I've attached the actual module for you to look at. The article can be found
>> > > here:
>> > > http://www-105.ibm.com/developerworks/education.nsf/webservices-onlinecourse-bytitle/D092605075D1D67D86256A7E0042432D?OpenDocument
>> >
>> > That's the one I meant: the licensing for that module isn't
>> > clear though (at least not to me).
>> IANAL, but the way I read it, the IBM OSS license we use is less restrictive
>> than even that of mxDateTime  ;-).
>> We didn't mind using it because it's OSI approved.    (01)

So the IBM OSS license does apply to the lib there ? That was
basically what I was unsure about because even though the
site mentions that all software is published under the OSS license,
the source code gives no mention (not even a copyright).    (02)

> The main problem is maintenance.  Neither Mike nor I have had a moment to
>> maintain it, though we have considered incorporating it into 4Suite, and
>> updating it as we do so.  But it comes with no promises: we can't even stick
>> to 4Suite release schedules.    (03)

Since it heavily relies on 4Suite this would probably be the 
best thing to do. If it breaks we'll yell out loud ;-) (and
provide patches, of course...).    (04)

Marc-Andre Lemburg
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