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[XML-SIG] WSDL library ?

Uche Ogbuji wrote:
>> > Another part is using XML Schema as an "abstract type description
>> > language". It's a little ridiculous to use a schema language without
>> > standard OO notions of "property", "array", "struct" etc. But I'm sure
>> > I'd get voted down.
>> Tis a paradox indeed.  Makes no sense for RPC, yet WSDL is the Web Services
>> answer to IDL.
>> The other paradox is that in almost every CORBA development scenario I've been
>> in, the IDL is the part that gets written by hand, and the language-specific
>> bindings get generated.  In WS land, people want to generate WSDL from Java
>> interfaces.    (01)

This is what I'm after for Python. The "only" problem is defining
the input and output types of functions -- the programmer will have
to provide this information somehow and in some format and
I'm not really sure which road to follow here (e.g. home grown,
ZSI type object style, XML Schema lookalike...).     (02)

This gets particularly interesting when you try to model Python's
notion of interfaces onto the definition, e.g. first
parameter needs to be a sequence, second a number, third
should provide a mapping interface, etc...    (03)

Oh yes, and whatever the format will be, it'll have to provide
enough information to be able to generate SOAP type declarations,
WSDL type declarations, type check XML-RPC requests, and so on.    (04)

I'll keep on dreaming...    (05)

Marc-Andre Lemburg
CEO eGenix.com Software GmbH
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