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"Dynamic Knowledge Repository" (DKR)    (01)

A DKR is a knowledge base that encompasses all of the relevant information of a particular project. It includes recorded dialog (i.e. internal knowledge), intelligence collection (i.e. external knowledge), and knowledge product (i.e. a snapshot of an organization's knowledge, with links into recorded dialog and intelligence collection).    (02)

The DKR is the product of the CoDIAK process (Concurrent Development, Integration, and Application of Knowledge), which serves as the basis of Doug Engelbart's bootstrapping strategy.    (03)

Broadly speaking, any evolving knowledge base falls under the category of a DKR. For instance, an archived e-mail discussion list is a DKR. Any Web site where the content is constantly evolving is a DKR. For that matter, a library of books and magazines is a DKR.    (04)

For starters, our DKR will consist of the following:    (05)

Over time, the nature of our DKR, as well as its content, will evolve.    (012)

Launch Community | Ontology | Library | Discussion | Members