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Ontology    (01)

"We won't get maximum augmentation boost without cultivating a rich, powerful vocabulary."
--Doug Engelbart, January 27, 2000    (02)

An ontology is a set of concepts and relationships that reflect the overall conceptual model of a specific knowledge domain. Our goal in creating an ontology for our group is to develop a common conceptual model and vocabulary to describe and discuss OHS-like systems.    (03)

In the process of discussing our respective projects over e-mail and on PurpleWiki, we are constantly trying to identify common concepts and agree on terminology. Howard Liu, our ontology master, is building a formal ontology based on these narratives using Protege 2000. Our members, in turn, are encouraged to review and comment on Howard's work. Our members are encouraged to merge their respective ontologies, where appropriate, and to conform to these new ontologies.    (04)

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