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Publications    (01)

Books    (02)

CGI Developer's Guide    (03) 1996. ISBN 1-57521-087-8.    (04)

Articles    (07)

I've written a variety of articles for a number of different publications, including Dr. Dobb's Journal and Scientific American. You may view a list of selected articles.    (08)

Papers    (029)

"Interoperability Between Collaborative Knowledge Applications." [HTML] [PDF]    (030)
Extreme Markup Languages 2002. Montreal, Quebec. August 6-9, 2002.    (031)
"Rearchitecting a Software Platform: A Beginner's Case Study." [HTML] [PDF]    (032)
Facilitating Hypertext-Augmented Collaborative Modeling Workshop, ACM Hypertext 2002. College Park, Maryland. June 11-12, 2002.    (033)

Interviews    (09)

James Clark    (027)
"A Triumph of Simplicity: James Clark on Markup Languages and XML." Dr. Dobb's Journal. July 2001.    (028)
Doug Engelbart    (010)
"A Conversation with Doug Engelbart." Dr. Dobb's Journal. September 2000.    (011)
Bill Joy    (012)
"The Joy of UNIX." Linux Magazine. November 1999.    (013)
Larry Wall    (014)
"Redesigning Perl 6: Fear is the Mind Killer." Open Source Developers Journal. Winter 2000.    (015)
"A Conversation with Larry Wall." Dr. Dobb's Journal. February 1998.    (016)

Book Reviews    (017)

I wrote the Bookmarks column for Web Techniques from March 2000 to February 2002. I also contribute the occasional book review to Dr. Dobb's Journal's Programmer's Bookshelf. You may view a complete list of these book reviews.    (018)

Other    (019)

Other places I've been published include:    (020)

Encyclopedia of Computers and Computer History (Fitzroy Dearborn 2001)    (021)
Contributed sections on Augusta Ada Lovelace, C/C++, Java, Object-Oriented Programming, and Shareware.    (022)
Technology Forecast: 2001-2003, Technology Forecast: 2002-2004, Volume 1 (PricewaterhouseCoopers 2001, 2002)    (023)
Contributed sections on Web Server Technologies and Open Source Software.    (024)
"Special Report on Open Source Software"    (025)
An analyst report published by Evans Data Corporation in December 1999.    (026)