Paul Visscher announced PurpleFS:    (KCN) PurpleFS is a FUSE filesystem that allows you to transclude Purple Numbers.    (KCO) In other words, PurpleFS is a filesystem interface to the Purple library. Super coolness.    (KCP) (This, by the way, is an excellent example of Leave A Trail. Paul is part of the Church Of […]

Purple v0.9

After RecentChangesCamp earlier this month, I drove up to Seattle to visit Chris Dent and others. Chris and I spent a day talking shop and life, and also taking care of a few things that we’ve been discussing for a while. The biggie was extracting the Purple Number generator from PurpleWiki into its own library […]

Purple Numbers and WIKIWYG

For a while, it was looking like I was going to break another personal blogging record last month, then things got so busy I had zero time to blog whatsoever. That means I’m in catch up mode again, so as usual, I’ll post in reverse chronological order (which in the blogosphere is really reverse reverse […]

Purple Numbers Are Ugly

Evan Henshaw-Plath thinks that Purple Numbers are ugly. He’s not the first.    (JW1) A bit of history. The original Purple Numbers were a dark purple. Then Murray Altheim came up with a brilliant idea. Let’s make them lighter! So he did. That was better, but it wasn’t enough.    (JW2) As Chris Dent and […]