Purple Numbers: Optimized for Synthesis

Chris Dent has been having some good exchanges about Purple Numbers with Adina Levin and Phil Jones. I don’t have much to add, as I think Chris is spot on. Two comments struck me, though.    (IQV) First, Phil claims that Purple Numbers are optimized for reading at the expense of writing. His point is […]

Purple Peeper-Eater

I’ve been following Nancy White‘s excellent blog for many moons now. She writes great things about Online Communities and collaboration, and her blog is my most heavily bookmarked on Bloglines. So it seems a bit strange that the first item of hers I’m going to mention here is this very funny reference to Purple Peeper-Eaters. […]

Kwiki::Purple, Wiki Deep Thoughts

My ex-partner-in-crime, Chris Dent, has been busy coding and expounding. Last month, he released Kwiki::Purple, a Purple Numbers plugin for Kwiki. You can play with it on his test site.    (IFZ) This is fantastic news on a number of fronts. First, it’s further validation of our strategy to have the ideas take over the […]

Purple Good, Red Bad

Eric Sinclair spotted this gem: “Let’s Paint the Town Purple.” The author makes a very compelling case, but we’re not going to change our color scheme anytime soon.    (4RT) (For Purple Number-specific hilarity, don’t miss Mark Pilgrim’s “Pink Numbers.”)    (4RU)

Purple 1969 Flashback

Jamie Dinkelacker and I had a very stimulating conversation about all things collaboration and Doug Engelbart last night. Something he said about the IETF reminded me of something. If you check out IETF RFC 2 (circa 1969), you’ll notice alphanumeric references in front of each paragraph. Those are equivalent to what we call hierarchical identifiers […]