Paul Visscher announced PurpleFS:    (KCN)

PurpleFS is a FUSE filesystem that allows you to transclude Purple Numbers.    (KCO)

In other words, PurpleFS is a filesystem interface to the Purple library. Super coolness.    (KCP)

(This, by the way, is an excellent example of Leave A Trail. Paul is part of the Church Of Purple, and there were any number of public places he could have announced this tool. I didn’t happen to be on any of the ones he chose (although it’s also possible that he just hasn’t posted to any of those places yet). And that’s perfectly okay, because he blogged it, and I follow his blog. He left a trail. It’s nice and efficient for all involved. It’s loose coupling, but it’s tight enough to maintain a sense of community and to enable tighter collaboration in the future.)    (KCQ)

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