Kolabora Interview about Identity Commons

Robin Good interviewed me yesterday for his Kolabora Internet Radio program. We discuss online collaboration — of course! — and the latter half of the conversation is about Identity Commons.    (BGV)

Robin also interviewed me last May, after my manifesto came out. What’s really interesting about doing these interviews — besides the fact that I enjoy talking to Robin — is that Robin is always on top of the latest and greatest Internet conferencing tools. Last May’s conversation was videocast. This interview was recorded over the Internet using a tool called iVocalize. It’s like an online walkie talkie over the Internet — you hold down the control key when it’s your turn to talk. It also removes the pauses that occur when a different person starts talking, which makes the end recording sound very fluid. If you listen to the recording, it sounds like Robin and I are having a very natural conversation, when in reality, it was a bit choppy because of the limitations of the tool.    (BGW)

In any case, I never tire of the fact that I can talk to someone in Italy in real-time for free using my Web browser.    (BGX)

Videocast at The Competitive Edge

I’ll be participating in this week’s The Competitive Edge event (part of Kolabora Online). Robin Good will interview me and Stuart Henshall this Thursday, May 27, at 9am PDT. I’ll be talking about my manifesto. The event will be a live videocast that anyone will be able to view via a Flash-enabled browser. Please register and drop by; would love to see you there.    (1F5)