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[XML-SIG] WSDL library ?

> > I think that the licensing is compatible, so we have actually been considering 
>> > including ZSI in 4Suite to provide the SOAP/RPC iomplementation for the 
>> > repository.
>> Ouch -- bumped my head on the floor when I fell out of my chair.    (01)

Por que?  I hope not out of surprise.  ZSI is the most complete, well-designed 
and usable SOAP implementation for Pyton.  My comments on ZSI on this thread 
have by no means been to bash ZSI but to point out that I think my problems 
working with it were more tied to SOAP itself than to ZSI's implementation 
thereof.    (02)

Having used Apache SOAP, XSoap, and the WASP demo, I'd say that ZSI is also a 
better bet than these Java entrants.  I haven't had a chance to try .NET or 
the IBM WS toolkit.    (03)

Re: Apache SOAP: I heard somewhere that it may be used as the reference 
implementation.  If so, someone has been popping 'ludes, in my opinion.  :-)    (04)

So, Rich, if you want to have ZSI usurp Apache in this regard, you have my 
vote.  ;-)    (05)

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