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[XML-SIG] WSDL library ?

Rich Salz wrote:
>> I'm intending to add something, perhaps along the lines of Paul's stuff,
>> to ZSI (http://pywbsvcs.sf.net). I'll either have enough time to work on
>> it over the next month, or no time at all.  Note that W3C has convened a
>> WSDL working group; I'm on it, and we just had our first telecon call
>> Thursday morning.  I'm hoping there will be some really major changes in
>> WSDL1.1 (esp soap-only, simplifying import, etc) and if that looks
>> likely, then my work will track 1.1, not 1.0    (01)

I will be extremely disappointed if WSDL 1.1 is made SOAP only. The fact
that WSDL is not protocol specific is one of the primary things that
makes it interesting to many people. It is mostly used with SOAP today
because it is today a product of big businesses and thus of mild
interest to open source programmers. When it gets onto a firm standards
track, HTTP, XML-RPC, Jabber and BEEP bindings will be rapidly
forthcoming.    (02)

WSDL's biggest problem, IMO, is that people feel it is not a language
that should be authored by hand. The whole point of using XML, IMO, is
to make something human readable and machine readable. Although I can
read WSDL, there are enough people who say that they cannot to make me
feel that there is a serious usability problem there. That's where I
would suggest the group focus its effort.    (03)

 Paul Prescod    (04)