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[XML-SIG] WSDL library ?

SOAPy (http://soapy.sf.net) can parse some WSDL/schema.  No activity on
the project for some time.  A group of folks, organized by Paul Prescod
of ActiveState, has come up with a WSDL API for introspection and remote
invocation, intended to map to Python, Perl, TCL, etc. I believe they
have a Python prototype, but the list has been quiet lately.    (01)

I'm intending to add something, perhaps along the lines of Paul's stuff,
to ZSI (http://pywbsvcs.sf.net). I'll either have enough time to work on
it over the next month, or no time at all.  Note that W3C has convened a
WSDL working group; I'm on it, and we just had our first telecon call
Thursday morning.  I'm hoping there will be some really major changes in
WSDL1.1 (esp soap-only, simplifying import, etc) and if that looks
likely, then my work will track 1.1, not 1.0
	/r$    (02)

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