Intellipedia Shovel

After the workshop yesterday, the CIA presented me with a shovel. That’s right, a shovel.    (L8Y)    (L8Z)

The shovel was inspired by MeatballWiki‘s Barnstar (which is also used by Wikipedia). It is an honor that people bestow on others for gardening Intellipedia, and it exists in both virtual and physical form. It’s a wonderful example of Spotlight On Others.    (L90)

I am the first person outside of the intelligence community to have ever received one of these shovels, and I consider it a tremendous honor. Of course, I shamelessly and unapologetically cajoled them into giving me one, but as my momma used to say, you won’t get it if you don’t ask for it. I plan on showing it off every chance I get.    (L91)

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