“An Inconvenient Truth” Followups

Lots of cool followups to report on the excellent global warming movie, An Inconvenient Truth.    (KPM)

First, Eric Pan wrote the other day about his web site, Share The Truth, a marketplace for giving away free tickets to see the movie. I love Eric’s enthusiasm, and I love the fact that he did something about it, so I’m sponsoring three free tickets with the following caveats:    (KPN)

  • Whoever claims the ticket must not live in the Bay Area.    (KPO)
  • That person must bring at least one person who would not have otherwise seen the movie.    (KPP)
  • That person must blog his or her impressions of the movie or post them to the Share The Truth forum.    (KPQ)

If you want to take me up on the offer, respond directly on the forum.    (KPR)

In a similar vein, I dragged the HyperScope project team along with other folks in our extended community to see the movie. We had (and continue to have) lots of great discussion afterwards. I encourage all of you to take similar field trips.    (KPS)

Finally, in my review, I wrote:    (KPT)

We need more transparency in society, and we need tools that give us that transparency. For example, when I purchase food from the supermarket, I’d like to know the comparative “carbon costs” of those different items. As my friend StephanieSchaaf has often pointed out, when you buy locally grown produce, even if it’s nonorganic, you’re helping the environment, because less energy is consumed in transporting the food. Everyone needs to know these things, and then they can decide for themselves whether or not to do anything about it.  T    (KPU)

Boris Mann (via Kellan Elliott-McCrea) reports that there’s a grocery delivery service in Vancouver that includes distance travelled on its bill. It’s called Small Potatoes Urban Delivery. Cool stuff.    (KPV)

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