World Economic Forum Gossip

Blue Oxen Associates has been working with Tomorrow Makers to help with the design process at this year’s World Economic Forum. Sadly, I couldn’t be in Davos this year, so I’ve had to resort to good ol’ fashioned remote collaboration tools to keep up with what’s happening. I had this funny exchange with the most excellent Alicia Bramlett just now:    (K4E)

eugeneerickim: i’ll expect full gossip on any world leaders you rub elbows with 😉    (K4F)

abramlett: China’s Vice Premiere showed up today and John Gage just strolled thru. Its a strange place 🙂    (K4G)

I’ll gladly share any juicy, second-handed gossip with any of y’all, but you’ll have to ply me with booze first, and you run the not-so-unlikely possibility that I’ll be making it all up.    (K4H)

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