Google Swimming Pool

Dirk Riehle told me a funny story at WikiSym about Google’s swimming pools. There are two, they’re about 10 feet long, and they’re “endless pools” — the equivalent of a swimming treadmill. What’s really funny is that Mountain View required the company to have an on-duty lifeguard for these little pools. Apparently, it’s quite a funny sight to see a lifeguard watching people swim in these tiny pools.    (JYJ)

Dirk has a description and a picture of the pools at his most excellent, A Geek’s Tour of Silicon Valley web site, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have one with the pools occupied and a lifeguard on duty.    (JYK)    (JYL)

The first person who points me to such a picture wins two cookies. Better yet, post it on Dirk’s site (which runs on a Wiki).    (JYM)

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