Schneier on REAL ID

Bruce Schneier wrote a scathing assessment of REAL ID in the latest issue of his Crypto-Gram newsletter. Regarding European countries with national IDs, Schneier wrote:    (IPI)

(Those who point to European countries with national IDs need to pay attention to this point. European countries have a strong legal framework for data privacy and protection. This is why the American experience will be very different than the European experience, and a much more serious danger to society.)    (IPJ)

Lots of folks pay lip service to the social framework that needs to complement technology in order for a system to work, but few are actually doing anything about it. It’s why Identity Commons is so important, although even that group is more reactive than proactive, focusing initially on technology rather than on social agreements. That’s probably just the reality of the life-cycle of progress (says the optimistic Heideggerian in me).    (IPK)

That said, it’s no accident that folks in the identity space are starting to take Identity Commons so seriously these days. There were at least 10 folks from the Identity Commons community (myself included) actively participating in the various “Identity Gang” gatherings last week.    (IPL)

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