One of my pet peeves/interests is e-mail: patterns of e-mail usage, ways to improve the tool, how e-mail fits into the collaborative tools world. We’re using SmartList at Blue Oxen Associates. It’s very hackable, but it’s also very user-unfriendly. For archiving e-mail, we’re using MHonArc and mharc. I’d like to eventually replace all three tools with something better.    (27)

Some series of random events got me thinking about syndicating our archives as RSS, a topic that’s come up before. I did a quick Google search and discovered Kellan Elliott-McCrea‘s recent posting on this topic.    (28)

Reviewing his blog, LaughingMeme, was an absolute joy. There’s lots of good stuff there on tools, and he’s hacked his site in interesting ways as well. For example, he’s implemented a “Similar Entries” feature on his blog using a Latent Semantic Indexing Perl module. Definitely a blog to watch.    (29)

Some mailing list archiving tools mentioned on Laughing Meme:    (2A)

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  1. I looked at Sympa about a year ago, and decided against it because it was too heavyweight. We used Mailman for a while, and opted against it for the same reason. Sympa had great features, but it was too monolithic; we wanted something we could hack easily. I’ll take a look at it again, though; thanks for mentioning it. I’m also following the Siesta project closely:

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