Yogi, Lewis and Clark

Had to put out a few fires this morning. Thank goodness for high-speed wireless and my trusty new iBook. As a sidenote, Apple Works is an absolute travesty. It is twelve steps backwards in the evolution of office applications. Can’t wait for OpenOffice to run natively on Panther.    (1YT)

Afterwards, I drove to The Hill for lunch at Amighetti’s, then walked down Elizabeth Street to see the stretch of road where Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola grew up. I love The Hill. Red brick houses line the streets, and there’s an Italian restaurant and bakery on every block. I could spend weeks here, just wandering the streets and eating.    (1YU)

My next stop was the Arch. Took the crazy tram to the top. Remember the egg from Mork and Mindy? The tram consists of eight of those, with five people crammed in each of them. There’s a tram on each side of the Arch, and they meet at the center. Takes about five minutes to the top.    (1YV)

The highlight of the Arch was the IMAX movie and exhibits on Lewis & Clark. I had to add a book on the two explorers to my always growing reading list.    (1YW)

Scott Foehner and I had dinner at Blueberry Hill, which Scott claims is the most well known restaurant in town. Near Washington University, it sports plenty of seating, good burgers, a wide beer selection, live music, kitschy trinkets, and the occasional St. Louis celebrity. Its longtime owner, Joe Edwards, has invested a lot in the area recently. Afterwards, we had a few beers and played some darts and pool at the Black Derby, an excellent little dive with good music in the south side of St. Louis.    (1YX)

Stopover in Bloomington

On my way from Fort Wright to St. Louis, I stopped over in Bloomington to have lunch with Chris Dent and some of his colleagues, Joe Blaylock, Kevin Bohan, and Matthew O’Connor. Matthew is one of The Canonical Hackers.    (1YQ)

Lunch conversation was good — spent two hours longer than I had planned. I especially enjoyed meeting Matthew, as well as Paul Visscher and Jason Cook a few nights earlier. You can gather a surprising amount from interacting with folks via email alone, but it’s still only a partial picture. It was good to finally meet these guys in person, and to get a sense of their personalities and passions.    (1YR)

Arrived at Scott Foehner‘s place in St. Louis at around 8:30pm. Had dinner on The Hill at an Italian restaurant called Via’s, then went to Milo’s, a neighborhood bar, for drinks. I was surprised to learn that folks in St. Louis brew beers other than Budweiser. Had a Schlafly’s there, which was very good.    (1YS)