Most of the blogs I subscribe to are by folks whom I know, or folks whom are two degrees away. I don’t search for interesting things to read — way too much of that already — but occasionally, minor perturbations uncover new and interesting things. Today, I discovered Mark Shead‘s blog, Productivity501, via an indirect link back. It’s a blog about productivity. I find productivity so important, I generally avoid spending time reading about it. However, two items jumped out at me.    (M6D)

First, Mark wrote a clever twist on the Tortoise and Hare fable, set in an Iron Chef competition. I freakin’ love Iron Chef. More importantly, he made a point I’ve also emphasized in the past — clean working stations are a critical pattern for high-performance work.    (M6E)

Second, I previously blogged Martin Fowler‘s hypothesis that bigger screens made developers more productive. Mark cites an actual study that makes the same claim.    (M6F)