Q&A with Doug Engelbart: July 12, 2001

Eugene Eric Kim <eekim@eekim.com>

What is a DKR?    (2099)

Special knowledge collection    (2103)

DKR attributes?    (3231)

Implicit DKR in any design process
We want to make it explicit.    (2386)

Supports Collective IQ of the group    (2107)

How does one build a DKR?    (2374)

Technology and social process    (2403)

What are the social processes?    (2411)

What do we need to capture in a DKR?    (2624)

Capture convergence and divergence    (2667)

Capture state and disagreement
Capture strong disagreements.    (2632)

What are requirements to do these?    (2646)

Evolution of type system    (2650)

Tools that do these?    (3122)

IBIS    (2641)

Biggest challenges?    (2257)

Problems are large scale
Require a lot more people than can sit in a room.    (2774)

How do you get an environment so you can get evolution?    (2780)

Getting an evolutionary process    (2673)

Tim Berners-Lee vs Ted Nelson    (2747)

Creating the handbook -- CoDIAK    (2265)

What is CoDIAK?    (2274)

There are other capabilities besides CoDIAK    (2516)

Core set of concurrent knowledge capabilities needed to do the DKR    (2283)

Application    (2318)

Integration    (2307)

Development    (2302)

Not software development?    (2342)

Nature of description of design part of that knowledge    (2348)

What part is human?    (2758)

Part of challenge is finding the right mix.    (2769)

How much is computerized almost irrelevant    (2763)

What is "do"?    (2355)

Maintenance    (2368)

Creation    (2364)

Concurrency    (2593)

What tools do we have at our disposal?    (2419)

Eliot Kimber's project
Murray sent description of this to ohs-dev last week. Seems to have the structure needed to create DKR. Almost point-for-point everything that Lee wants to do in NODAL. Not open source, but architecture is.    (2598)

Open architecture    (3177)

Almost point-for-point what Lee wants with NODAL    (3163)

Seems to have structure needed for DKR    (3157)

Closed source    (3168)

Problems with existing computer-supported communication?    (2678)

Need "collaborative literacy" for this to work
Notion introduced by Conklin at workshop.    (2709)

Conflicts rarely get resolved    (2684)

IBIS identifies agreements and disagreements
First step for resolving conflict.    (2689)

Can Robert's Rules help?    (2699)

Do we want computers to mediate arguments?    (2716)

If we can end up doing that, that's fine.
Doug prefers "computer supported"    (2720)

Challenges with mediated dialog?    (2727)

Variance in personalities
Annoying people who can't collaborate and you can't get rid of them.    (2731)

Variance in computer literacy    (2736)

What tools are under development?    (3202)

Hyperscope    (3220)

What is the Hyperscope?    (2790)

<BI,2120> describes basic functionality    (2794)

Capabilities?    (2885)

Granular addressability    (2890)

Legacy files
Translated legacy files to intermediate structures.    (2902)

Revision control    (2895)

Features?    (2818)

Intermediate file structure    (2834)

Browser    (2829)

Link database    (2823)

Editor (eventually)
Edited documents won't go back to legacy tools. Evolves you to OHS documents.    (2839)

Purpose?    (2805)

Provide some OHS capabilities for legacy files    (2810)

NODAL    (3194)

Is NODAL implementation of DKR?    (2614)

No. Architecture needed to build DKR.    (2618)

What is NODAL?    (2853)

Lee's candidate implementation for lot of core Hyperscope principles    (2857)

Structures candidate for intermediate file structures    (2864)

Support for legacy files    (2870)