DKR attributes?    (2113)

"The Handbook" -- Integrated, updated knowledge product    (2133)

How to augment ability to create/maintain handbook?    (2984)

Alternative names?    (2474)

Knowledge product    (2478)

Is it a collection of starting points into recorded intelligence?    (2186)

Is the handbook entirely unresolved decisions?    (2155)

No. Current state of all decisions, with linkages back to source    (2159)

How is the handbook different from recorded intelligence    (2140)

Plate metaphor    (2192)

The end product
Not effective as printed product    (2443)

Up-to-date integral of recorded intelligence    (2146)

Is it like a current table of contents?    (2168)

No. TOC + content itself    (2180)

How much can be automated?    (2233)

Examples?    (2459)

Hitchhiker's Guide
Portal to deeper knowledge    (2464)

How can you create/maintain the handbook?    (2199)

Both    (3022)

Automatic    (2209)

If you constrain the domain, easier to automate    (2223)

Interpretive problem with representing state of system
Demands a lot of human intervention.    (2215)

Manually    (3013)

Creating summaries requires someone with knowledge in domain    (2228)

Recorded intelligence    (2129)

What is "recorded intelligence"?    (2424)

Work in external world relevant to what you're doing    (2433)

Examples?    (2531)

Search on "musical instruments"
Results of a web search on instruments.    (2536)

Recorded dialog    (2125)

What is "recorded dialog"?    (2940)

Internal intelligence    (2949)

Differences between internal and external?    (2485)

Can be blurry    (2490)

Examples?    (2522)

Discussion on updating the Handbook    (2557)

Replacing a fiddle.    (2571)

Discussion within group on instruments    (2544)

McDonnell Douglas
There was a change in aircraft design, but the documentation was not updated. However, there was a guy who was there when the change was made, and knew why it was change.    (2586)

Is there a social component?    (2495)

No. DKR is just the repository.    (2504)

DKR is result of process
Process is not part of the DKR.    (2510)