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[XML-SIG] WSDL library ?

> It amazes me that the SOAP
>> designers think that this puny facility can really clean up the differing
>> semantics you sketch in your code example above.    (01)

Well, what can I tell you; it does, it really does.  Don't forget that
two of the SOAP designers were Don Box, who has extensive experience in
DCE (and therefore DCOM) network data representation, and Andrew Layman,
who is one of the most pedantic datatype guys I've ever met.    (02)

> Of course, I'be never seen a much more complex Web service than a stock quote    (03)

Take a look at the files in http://www.zolera.com/schemas/2001/11/    (04)

> I think a CORBA Captain Haddock would take up even fewer lines
>> of code than a SOAP Captain Haddock.    (05)

Sure, and after five years of BOA your code might even be portable. :)
	/r$    (06)

Zolera Systems, Securing web services (XML, SOAP, Signatures,
http://www.zolera.com    (07)