Two Seconds a Day in June and July 2019

Didn’t share last month, so sharing both June and July’s videos today:

June was such a full month, beginning with two weeks with my nephews in Cincinnati. When I got back, things slowed down considerably, and I found myself struggling to capture videos every day. But reviewing the compilations re-motivated me, and I now have seven months of wonderful memories. Still not sure how much longer I’ll continue to do these, but regardless, I appreciate having memories of so many moments of beauty and gratitude at a time when things are very difficult in the world as a whole.

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Two Seconds a Day in April 2019

I wasn’t sure that I was going to do this again this month. I knew that April would be a work-heavy month, and I didn’t have any trips or fun weekends planned. But I continued out of habit, and I ended up loving the final roll. Even on uneventful days, I’m enjoying capturing (and later reliving) the little moments of beauty.

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