PurpleWiki 0.94 Released

The latest release of PurpleWiki has mucho changes. The most visible is customizable look-and-feel using templates (see PurpleWiki:Templates), but there are a slew of other important changes as well.    (23X)

Thanks to a growing user base (which included many folks who tested the beta code in live environments), many bugs have been eradicated. The code has advanced to the point where there’s only one significant chunk of UseModWiki code left — the database, which is on our list of things to replace next.    (23Y)

All this means two things: First, PurpleWiki is becoming a very good, very stable, production-quality Wiki. It’s not quite there yet — We could use a better installation script and more documentation, and there’s still some refactoring that needs to be done — but it’s close. Second, with a lot of the grunt work out of the way, folks hacking on PurpleWiki can start refocusing on the more interesting features — Purple:DistributedPurpleNumbers, PurpleWiki:TransClusion, etc. You’re going to start seeing a lot of cool stuff.    (23Z)

One of these cool features is support for Identity Commons‘s i-names (see PurpleWiki:INames). PurpleWiki is the first publically available tool to support this important new technology.    (240)