Buddhist Ox

The name, “Blue Oxen Associates,” is a reference to Babe the Blue Ox of the Paul Bunyan legend, which in turn is a subtle homage to Doug Engelbart. Most Americans know the story, although I find myself having to explain it to folks from other countries. On occasion, some folks have told me that blue oxen have some significance in Buddhism, although I have never bothered to look this up.    (KRI)

I told this story to Shava Nerad, whom I met last week at the Identity Mashup, and she looked up the story for me! She pointed me to a story about Great Joy, the Ox, and she also explained, “The color blue is used in hindu/buddhist iconography to indicate as association with the celestial.”    (KRJ)

Thanks, Shava! If others know of other blue oxen stories, please let me know.    (KRK)

Paul and Babe

Jim Fournier stopped on a recent drive down from Arcata to send me this:    (ID0)


Speaking of which, I was in Noe Valley a few months ago and saw this beautifully illustrated children’s book about Paul Bunyan in the window of Phoenix Bookstore: Paul Bunyan The Work Giant, by Ida Virginia Turney. The book was published in 1941, is in pristine condition, and cost me $10. They just don’t make books like they used to.    (ID2)