President Barbershop in Palo Alto

The good folks at President Barbershop on University Avenue in Palo Alto are essentially perfect barbers. First, they do a great job cutting hair. Anyone who knows what I look like knows that I’m very low maintenance about my hair. I like it short and clean-cut. Nevertheless, finding someone who can cut hair like this properly is amazingly difficult. I’ve been to countless barbers all over the country, and the folks at President Barbershop are without question the best.    (19H)

Second, they are friendly and laid-back. When I feel like talking, they’re more than happy to chat, and the conversation is always fun and good natured. (I’ve always said that the best source of information in the Silicon Valley are barbers. After all, everybody gets their haircut, and most people talk to their barbers. I’ve heard some very funny stories about some high-profile Silicon Valley folks while getting my hair cut.) More importantly, when I feel like sitting back and spacing out, they don’t bother me.    (19I)

Third, they have excellent taste. Their TV is always tuned to a sports game or the History Channel. Naturally, they are also avid Stanford fans. Having grown up in the Southland, I have mixed feelings about this, but I don’t begrudge their loyalties.    (19J)

Fourth, they are the penultimate neighborhood business. I recently learned a few new things about the place from an excellent Palo Alto Weekly profile. Moe Sanchez has co-owned the shop since 1960. Moe is also retiring. So, if you’re already a patron, give Moe your best wishes. If you’re not, go there. You won’t be disappointed.    (19K)