“Jazz Hands” Insights on Open Collaboration

For the past several weeks, I’ve been having weekly video calls with Seb Paquet. Seb is someone I’ve wanted to work with for a long time. The first time we talked, we simply wanted to catch up, but each time we’ve talked, we’ve both felt the desire to keep talking. The conversations have been both fun and generative, and we’re both curious to see what might emerge. (You can see one of the outcomes of our previous talks: a brief video interview where Seb describes his Project Kitchen experiment.)

We decided to “formalize” our conversations by committing to four more over the next four weeks. The calls have a very light structure, and we don’t have any specific agenda. However, we’re committed to synthesizing our conversations into a joint blog post at the end of four weeks.

We also wanted to leave a trail at the end of each call, and so we’ll be recording quick (3-5 minute) videos, where we both share a “jazz hands” moment from the call. Today’s insights were about inclusiveness and the importance of being able to give negative feedback effectively in open collaboration: