One Small Change

How do you improve the productivity of software developers? Software engineering guru, Martin Fowler, has a surprising answer: Give them bigger screens.    (LV4)

Thinking like this fascinates me. In Super Size Me, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock suggests that the way to improve U.S. schools is to eliminate junk food from cafeterias, and cites studies correlating physical education and test scores. Learning guru (and Blue Oxen Associates advisor) Marcia Conner recently cited studies showing how outdoor education affects learning in the classroom.    (LV5)

In previous posts, I’ve speculated that improved geography skills will lead to better foreign policy decisions, and I’ve also discussed the role that more and better dialog might have on the world.    (LV6)

What would be One Small Change that would drastically improve the way you or your team collaborates? Post your ideas to your blog (and link back here), or Ideas send them to me.    (LV7)