Lessons from June-July 2013 Changemaker Bootcamp

I spent most of last week letting people know about the “official” launch of Changemaker Bootcamp, but I forgot to mention it here on my very own blog! So now you know. Next bootcamp is Tuesdays, 3-5pm, from August 20 through September 24. Application deadline is next Tuesday, August 13, so apply today! And please spread the word.

There’s a new website, and lots of great content, including what I learned from this last pilot. That’s the real reason I’m posting this, and frankly, it’s one of the things I’m enjoying about the whole experience. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been applying the lean methodology aggressively, except that I’m also blogging what I’m learning openly. It’s been a gratifying process, and I hope that others are finding the lessons that I’m sharing valuable.

That’s the point of this whole exercise, after all: For all of us to get better at working together.

“Learnings” and More Wonderful Jargon

My friend, Joe Mathews, posted the following vicious diatribe against my people today on Facebook:

Anxious to prove my friend wrong, I sought out a definitive source. This is what I uncovered:

It looks like the inmates truly have taken over the asylum. So sad to live in such a narrow-minded, hateful world. I’ll just have to take my learnings somewhere where they’re appreciated.

(Nevertheless, that jargon site is pretty hilarious.)