Katrina PeopleFinder Volunteers at Planetwork Tonight

I’m hosting tonight’s Planetwork Forum from 7-10pm at Pheedo’s offices in Emeryville. I’ll start by giving an interactive presentation on patterns of high-performance collaboration.    (JU2)

I’ll then be moderating a panel on the Katrina People Finder project with Kieran Lal and Ka-Ping Yee. I’m thrilled to have Kieran and Ping on my panel, and I think folks will find their experiences fascinating and informative.    (JU3)

How do collaborative patterns tie in with Katrina People Finder? For starters, read my essay, “Everything Is Known: Discovering Patterns of Emergent Collaboration,” which will also appear as a chapter in the upcoming second edition of Open Sources (O’Reilly 2005).    (JU4)