How Hackers Collaborate

The January SDForum Collaboration SIG meeting is tomorrow (Monday), 6:30-9pm, January 23 at the Pillsbury Winthrop law firm in Palo Alto. The topic: “How Hackers Collaborate.” We’ve got an outstanding set of “panelists”: Lee Felsenstein, Jim Warren, and David Weekly. Lee is a legendary hacker from the Homebrew Computer Club days, the founder of the Community Memory Project, and the founder of the Fonly Institute. Jim founded the Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference and Info World, and was the founding editor of Dr. Dobb’s Journal. He also founded the West Coast Computer Faire, a successful series of conferences in the late 1970s and early 1980s that was directly inspired by the Homebrew Computer Club. David is the co-creator of SuperHappyDevHouse, a Bay Area-based monthly hacker gathering.    (K3V)

I call them “panelists,” because this won’t be a traditional panel. This will be highly participatory, an opportunity to share your stories about hacking with others. It will be entertaining, engaging, and educational. So please come! (It’s free for SDForum members, $15 for everyone else.)    (K3W)