Bad Guys and Underwear

My friends Fen Labalme and Elaine Labalme send out an email twice a year celebrating the summer and winter solstices. This year, they related this great exchange between Elaine and their adorable son, Steven:    (MDJ)

Steven: “Why do we wear underwear?”    (MDK)

Elaine: “Because it makes Mr. and Mrs. Happy feel better.”    (MDL)

Steven: “Do bad guys wear underwear?”    (MDM)

Elaine: “Probably.”    (MDN)

Steven: “I bet Darth Vader doesn’t wear underwear.”    (MDO)

My money’s with you, Steven. And thanks, Fen and Elaine, for enlightening all of us about Mr. and Mrs. Happy. Happy Summer Solstice, everybody!    (MDP)