Killer Programmers

When I worked at Dr. Dobb’s Journal, I half-jokingly proposed creating baseball cards for programmers. Why should kids be limited to trading Albert Pujols and Eric Gagne cards, when they could trade a 1998 Larry Wall for a 2000 Guido van Rossum?    (KF7)

I still think it’s a good idea in theory, but in the meantime, check out this killer quiz. I scored an 8 out of 10. Thanks to Brad Neuberg for spotting this.    (KF8)

Goodbye, St. Louis

Did the Anheuser Busch tour this morning, then went to the Soulard district for exploration and lunch. Spent most of the afternoon visiting the antique shops on Cherokee Street, following some spicy Cajun food at the Hard Shell Cafe.    (1YY)

If there’s been a theme to this trip, it’s been the reawakening of my sense of touch. The design of last week’s workshop emphasized kinesthetic learning. The night before the workshop, I was helping Holly Meyers cut out signs that we were posting throughout the room. The scissors felt completely foreign in my hands. It was as if I had almost totally forgotten how to cut anything more complicated than a straight line.    (1YZ)

When I visited Abraham Lincoln‘s birthplace a few days earlier, I saw the Lincoln family Bible. I spent what seemed like forever staring at it, thinking about how Honest Abe himself used to flip through that very Bible when he was a kid living in a tiny Kentucky log cabin.    (1Z0)

Walking in and out of shops on Cherokee Street was like another trip on the time machine. I held kitschy tchotchkes, ran my hands over century-old furniture, and thought about where they had been before, who their owners were, what these items meant to them. On occasion, I chatted with store owners, marveling at their passion for old things.    (1Z1)

Ended the day at Busch Stadium watching the Cardinals play the Giants. The evening was dry, warm, and breezy, thanks to the rain the night before. From our seats along the right field line, we could see the Arch outside the stadium. Towards the end of the game, we watched the riverfront fireworks (along with the fireworks inside the stadium provided by Barry Bonds and Albert Pujols).    (1Z2)

After the game, Scott Foehner, his friend Eric, and I had beers at Dressel’s in the Central Western End. Had a few Boulevard’s, which is a Kansas City brew. Perfect way to end my Midwest adventures — gorgeous weather, a night at the ballpark, good company.    (1Z3)