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Purple    (01)

Purple is a small suite of quickly hacked tools designed to create HTML documents with "purple" numbers. These purple numbers are HTML anchors attached to every paragraph in a document, which allow you to link to these paragraphs.    (02)

Purple consists of an XML vocabulary (purple.dtd), which is similar to, but far simpler and cruder than DocBook, and an XSLT script (purpletohtml.xsl) that generates the corresponding HTML and purple numbers. Purple also includes some Perl scripts that preprocess these documents and that provide a crude form of structured version control and link integrity.    (03)

The name, Purple, was inspired by the purple numbers on Doug Engelbart's Bootstrap Institute web site.    (04)

Purple is open source and is distributed under the BSD License. I welcome bug reports, feedback, and unabashed flattery. Drop me a line at    (05)

Download    (06)

The latest version (0.4) is available at    (07)

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