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perlIBIS is a suite of Perl modules for processing IBIS dialog maps. It includes simple objects for manipulating the content of dialog maps, drivers for reading and writing dialog maps to and from different file formats, and a plug-in architecture for supporting new file formats. It also includes a program, ibisconvert, that uses these libraries to convert files from the command line.    (02)

Issue-Based Information System (IBIS) is a methodology for discussing and exploring "wicked problems," problems that are not well understood and that have no straightforward answers. Invented by Horst Rittel and colleagues in the 1970s, IBIS provides a simple grammar for mapping conversations. The grammar consists of questions (issues), possible solutions (ideas), and arguments (pros and cons) for and against an idea.    (03)

In the 1980s, Jeff Conklin and others developed software for graphically mapping and representing IBIS conversations. This software eventually evolved into a Windows program called QuestMap.    (04)

These modules provide a graph-like data structure for representing and manipulating IBIS conversations. Currently, it can import QuestMap files, and export into XML and a variety of graphical formats (using AT&T's GraphViz software).    (05)

perlIBIS is open source and is distributed under the BSD License. I welcome bug reports, feedback, and unabashed flattery. Drop me a line at    (06)

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perlIBIS v0.2 is available at    (08)

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