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cgihtml is a set of CGI and HTML routines written for C.    (02)

Since June 1995, people all over the world have downloaded and used cgihtml. At its peak, the mailing list had over 600 subscribers from more than 60 different countries. Web sites all over the world -- ranging from individual home pages to large e-commerce sites -- have used cgihtml, and many have incorporated cgihtml into their own software products.    (03)

Although cgihtml is relatively stable, there are some known bugs. I plan on fixing those bugs and releasing another version, which should hopefully be the last. Stay tuned....    (04)

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The current version of cgihtml is 1.69.    (07)

Mailing Lists    (010)

There are two cgihtml mailing lists: cgihtml, for discussion pertaining to cgihtml, and cgihtml-announce, an announcement-only list.    (011)

To subscribe to cgihtml, send e-mail to with the message body: subscribe cgihtml.    (012)

To subscribe to cgihtml-announce, send e-mail to with the message body: subscribe cgihtml-announce.    (013)

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