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Blosxom    (01)

blosxom is Rael Dornfest's simple and extensible blog program.    (02)

purple    (03)

purple is a blosxom plugin that allows you to integrate your blog with a locally installed version of PurpleWiki. Features include:    (04)

I use purple for my blog.    (08)

Download    (09)

purple (0+2i) is part of the standard PurpleWiki distribution, but is also available for download at    (010)

Plugin Patches    (011)

I modified Todd Larason's seemore plugin to play nicely with Rob Hague's cooluri plugin.    (012)

I also patched Fletcher Penney's entriescache plugin (v0.61) to use PurpleWiki's date metadata field.    (013)