Extreme Markup Languages 2002: Proceedings

Interoperability Between Collaborative Knowledge Applications

Eugene Eric Kim [Independent Consultant]

Ken Holman [Crane Softwrights Ltd.]


The purpose of Doug Engelbart's Open Hyperdocument System (OHS) is to enable applications to implement sophisticated hyperlinking functionality in an interoperable manner. In order to achieve this, there must be a standard architecture for representing hyperdocuments. Experience suggests that such an architecture be based on a graph-based data model, consisting of nodes with properties and typed links. In this paper, we briefly introduce the OHS, and explain the advantages of a graph-based data model, exploring the notion of a hyperdocument. Using a threaded forum discussion as an example, we show how to represent a hyperdocument using a graph-based data model, and how to integrate different hyperdocuments in useful and compelling ways.

Interoperability Between Collaborative Knowledge Applications

1 Introduction
2 OHS Requirements
3 Graph-Based Data Models and Hyperdocuments
4 Case Study: Threaded Forum Applications
4.1 Dialog Mapping
4.2 Integrating Dialog Maps with Threaded Discussion
5 Conclusions
6 Acknowledgements
7 Bibliography