Q&A with Doug Engelbart: July 26, 2001

Eugene Eric Kim <eekim@eekim.com>

Why purple for addressable numbers?    (3968)

Frode Heglund suggested making them links    (3983)

They wanted it to stay out    (3978)

Christina and Bob Czech    (3973)

What should we do to induce revolution in computers?    (3533)

Eating your own dog food. Don't tell me what you do, show me.    (3658)

ABC Model    (3884)

What is it?    (3889)

C activity    (3905)

Greater return on investment here than A or B activities    (3916)

Improving the improvement process    (3910)

Communities doing this?    (3948)

NICs    (3954)

Using DKRs to do C activity    (3961)

B activity    (3900)

Improving ability to achieve that goal    (3927)

A activity    (3894)

The goal    (3922)

Must get an idea of scale of challenge
Computers will have radical impact. No one will be able to design for this.    (3560)

Capture and measure collective IQ    (3613)

Seems to always come up in organizations    (3618)

Highest priority    (3652)

What are the existing metrics?    (3635)

Societal metrics
GNP, educational stats, crime rate.    (3646)

Not enough    (3665)

Football teams    (3641)

Proactive user communities
Evolution of utilization as well.    (3608)

Not enough to depend on tech viewpoint    (3753)

Compete and interoperate.    (3628)

What is OHS's role?    (3572)

Hyperscope is first step    (3596)

Just an evolutionary starting point    (3577)

Who must change and when?    (3538)

Coevolution    (3543)

Chicken and egg problem    (3553)

Should linking or addressability be top-level?    (3718)

Very intertwined    (3728)

Addressability is king    (3723)

How do we get disparate OHS communities cooperating?    (3933)

Need to keep an eye on what's actually happening    (3942)

C level community    (3937)

Big challenges?    (3791)

Inducing coevolution    (3800)

Integration    (3795)

How does Doug feel about how computers are used?    (3502)

Wants to capitalize on opportunity for coevolution    (3507)

Not taking advantage of how much we can get from it
People always saying, "We're here. Relax." We're not here. Status quo is evolution; what Doug is talking about is a revolution.    (3512)

Status quo is evolution, not revolution
Web is evolution from gopher.    (3524)

Examples?    (3583)

Tibetan reliance on Microsoft
Entire history and literature is locked into Microsoft format.    (3588)

How do we deal with insistence on proprietary formats?    (3767)

Market pressure    (3776)

Supporterd HTML because of Web's popularity    (3781)

Persuade them to play with us    (3771)

What is the Hyperscope?    (2790)

Evolvability is vital    (3470)

Humans are capable of evolving
Driving cars.    (3495)

How does evolution happen?    (3475)

Must be induced by people    (3483)

Eliot Kimber's system
Created an incredibly sophisticated system, but nobody would use it, because they didn't understand it.    (3489)

<BI,2120> describes basic functionality    (2794)

Purpose?    (2805)

Provide some OHS capabilities for legacy files    (2810)

Features?    (2818)

Adapt to ability of the user    (3807)

Editor (eventually)
Edited documents won't go back to legacy tools. Evolves you to OHS documents.    (2839)

Link database    (2823)

Browser    (2829)

Intermediate file structure    (2834)

Capabilities?    (2885)

Interoperability between all file types    (3762)

Typed links    (3740)

Important linking feature
Unfortunately, W3 XHTML working group not currently going in this direction.    (3745)

Moving around data
User interface.    (3734)

Linking    (3713)

Legacy files
Translated legacy files to intermediate structures.    (2902)

Revision control    (2895)

Granular addressability    (2890)

How do you manipulate views?    (3327)

How you want to look at some knowledge    (3357)

Augment view control
One character commands for changing views.    (3331)

Why is this important?    (3450)

Dynamic information display
We've been conditioned to static displays. This isn't taking advantage of how we can and want to view knowledge.    (3444)

Examples?    (3460)

Status quo for literature    (3465)

Examples?    (3381)

Audio    (3436)

Textual    (3428)

Murray working on zoological topic map
Too large to view all at once. View control is vital.    (3385)

Graphical    (3424)

What is the range of things you can manipulate?    (3374)

Transformations    (3415)

Presentation    (3410)

Querying    (3342)

Doug doesn't distinguish this from presentation    (3351)

How to partition this functionality between client and server?    (3363)

Implementation issue
How to control views is an implementation issue.    (3368)

Functionality will evolve based on user needs.    (3394)

How do we train teams?    (3812)

Target people in schools    (3854)

Must get OHS into schools    (3872)

Mantra these days in high school is life-long learning    (3865)

Play    (3821)

Should use this as a method for teaching people to use OHS
MUD.    (3838)

Typing games    (3833)

Sheldon's experience at Citibank    (3826)

Contests    (3816)

What do we need to measure about collective IQ?    (3676)

Not good enough now to measure this    (3703)

Everest analogy
If Everest is the peak of where we can get, then we're about 2,500 feet right now.    (3877)

How well you're dealing with collective problems    (3681)

How do we measure this?    (3686)

A complex problem
As we get better at dealing with complex problems, we'll be better at dealing with this.    (3697)

Must evolve    (3691)