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OHS Launch Community    (01)

The goal of the OHS Launch Community is to facilitate collaboration between people building OHS-like tools. We seek to discover, document, and augment the collective wisdom of our group by:    (02)

For a more detailed description of our purpose and goals, you can read more about the OHS Launch Community.    (05)

Dynamic Knowledge Repository    (06)

If you don't know what a DKR is, read our definition of a DKR. All of the content in this DKR falls under the terms of Ted Nelson's transcopyright.    (07)

Ontology    (018)

Howard Liu, our ontology master, maintains our ontology, which he culls from our discussion and papers.    (010)

Library    (019)

An organized collection of relevant documents, including papers written by our members and other recommended readings.    (020)

Discussion    (021)

Summaries and transcripts of our discussion, both online and face-to-face.    (08)

Members    (022)

A list of our members and their projects. Also see the library for a list of papers written by our members.    (011)

Colophon    (012)

In the interest of bootstrapping, we are using a number of different tools -- some of which are written by our members -- to help us maintain our DKR. Concurrently, we are applying our experiences with these tools towards improving these tools.    (013)

Currently, we are using the following:    (014)

Launch Community | Ontology | Library | Discussion | Members