OHS Summaries

Overall Vision


From the Bootstrap Institute web site

The goal of the OHS Project is to build an open source Open Hyperdocument System (OHS), the critical missing piece of the technology for enabling dynamic, distributed collective knowledge work. OHS is designed to be:

Adam Cheyer's Summary

We are building an "Open Hyperdocument System", an open-source framework for the distributed management and interconnection of documents (using the "large" definition of documents as a representation of any computer-represented media), under the guidance and following the vision of Doug Engelbart, incorporating where possible "modern" Internet standards and technologies.

Eric Armstrong's Summary

Combine the simplicity and ease of use of an email system with the expressive power of Web documents. In essence, remove the barrier between email and documents, so you can comment on or even edit a document as easily as sending a message. While doing that, make it possible to categorize paragraphs (i.e. "messages") in order to carry on a well-organized discourse. Preliminary categories include "question", "alternative", "argument for", "argument against", and "endorsement". Categories like those have been found to be helpful in mediated discussion systems. We intend to put that thinking into software, so remote collaborators can carry on the same kind of highly reasoned discussions online.