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[XML-SIG] minidom changes & additional modules

>> Uche Ogbuji writes:
>>  > cDomlette supports xml:base.  Each node has an xmlBase python
>>  > attribute on it with the appropriate value.  Why don't we enshrine
>>  > this into the Python/DOM binding?  xml:base is ludicrously simple
>> Every node, or just the non-Attr nodes that have children?    (01)

In cDomlette, it's every node, which doesn't hurt in cDomlette.    (02)

> I'd be inclined to make it "lazy" and go searching up the tree to get
>> the base; one optimization I'd like to persue later is trying to make
>> the node.__dict__ not grow beyond 5 entries whenever possible.
>> (Allowing it to grow past that means an extra malloc() call.)    (03)

No problem.  I know that though it doesn't affect performance in cDomlette, 
the way we have it would re-introduce the sorts of htings you're trying to 
streamline in minidom.  Therefore, your suggestion sounds reasonable.    (04)

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