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[XML-SIG] WSDL library ?

Thanks, Martin, for the explanation of how Corba can do doubly-linked 
lists.  I am glad it's gotten more competent since I looked.  Can it 
really do full cycles now, where head->next = tail->prev?  Cool.    (01)

I claimed most distributed computing doesn't use the Corba object model. 
DCOM doesn't, it's aggregation of interfaces.  Java uses single 
inheritance and interface.  Neither of those can be mapped into a simple 
inheritance model.    (02)

As for being "surprised" or "horrified" that all pointers are chased 
when you serialize an object.  Hunh?  If I declared an object in Corba 
or DCE IDL (or MIDL) I would be quite upset if only certain parts of it 
ended up being remoted.  Yes, many serializations allow full 
pointer-chasing, heap management, etc.  It's not ineffecient if you 
don't need it, and it's useful when you do.  Sure, you don't necessarily 
need it in business -- VisualBasic's datatypes are provably sufficient.    (03)

All I know about RDF is how to spell it. :)    (04)

As for why HREF/ID, etc., is in SOAP?  Well, I wasn't there, so I can't 
say for sure, but I have my guesses.  They wanted SOAP RPC Encoding to 
be rich enough to be able to be a serialization for DCE, DCOM, Corba, 
Java, etc.  Some here clearly think they aimed too high.  Me, I like 
having a single uniform system.    (05)

Paul, the Zolera Tamarin schema's don't use HREF/ID because we don't 
need to.  If I want to sign something, I can do
   <Content>......your text here</Content>
or I can do
    <Content href="http://www.microsoft.com/bill/testimony.txt"/>
and the SOAP layer handles it transparently    (06)

BTW, SOAP RPC Encoding is going to be *really optional* for 1.2, so much 
so that it might even merit it's own document.  (It won't, but it could.)
	/r$    (07)

Zolera Systems, http://www.zolera.com
Information Integrity, XML Security    (08)