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[XML-SIG] WSDL library ?

Uche Ogbuji wrote:
>> > To sum up this thread (which has run off into a completely
>> > different, though interesting direction):
>> >
>> > * FourThought will include their wsdllib.py in one fo the
>> >   future 4Suite releases.
>> >
>> > * The "best" way to define input/output types is by sticking to
>> >   ZSI's type objects.
>> >
>> > Now, all I'm missing is the link between the two :-)
>> > Ideal would probably be some helper wrapped around these two
>> > which takes a list of method names and their input/output type
>> > objects, plus the URL to use for method invokation and
>> > spits out a nicely formatted WSDL file.
>> I think that the licensing is compatible, so we have actually been considering
>> including ZSI in 4Suite to provide the SOAP/RPC iomplementation for the
>> repository.  If we did this (with Rich's permission, of course), it would help
>> you a bit, but someone would still have to write the wrapper you mentioned.    (01)

I will have to install 4Suite and ZSI eventually, so wrapping everything
into one package would be nice, but is not a requirement. However,
it would be nice to have them interop at some level...    (02)

> I regret I'm unlikely to have the time to write it, but if you'd like to give
>> it a start...    (03)

I most probably will within the next two months, since I need
this for a project I'm working on.    (04)

Marc-Andre Lemburg
CEO eGenix.com Software GmbH
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