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[XML-SIG] WSDL library ?

Rich Salz wrote:
>> Yes, WSDL only covers two parties.  For multi-party stuff, you need
>> XLANG (MSFT Biztalk langauge), or WSFL (WS framework langauge; from IBM)
>> or something else.  OASIS also has work going on here, I think.    (01)

Okay, but in my view one of the virtue of the web is that "two parties"
is just a degenate case of "multiple parties". I would structure my
services this way so that every step in a transaction represents a new
XML document with pointers to the next set of possible steps...like a
Choose Your Own Adventure book. Even if there are only two actual
parties involved, WSDL won't help me. :(    (02)

I need a schema language that says what happens when you follow links,
or apply HTTP methods to things that are referenced in links...I guess
I'll have to do it myself some day.    (03)

 Paul Prescod    (04)