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[XML-SIG] WSDL library ?

{Possible re-send, excuse the duplicate}    (01)

> One of thing things that I really like about XML-RPC is that it is easy
>> to use from many languages, including statically typed ones like C. I
>> think that is because all of the XML-RPC types are reasonably easy to
>> deal with in C and the fixed format allows almost all of the
>> marshalling/unmarshalling logic to be done at the library level.     (02)

This is all true for SOAP, too.    (03)

One of the things I like about SOAP is that the RPC Encoding allows you 
to tell the difference between:
	char *p, *q;
	p = q = "hello";
and this:
	p = "hello";
	q = strdup(p);    (04)

Simple apps don't care, but real RPC programmers do. :)
	/r$    (05)

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