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[XML-SIG] WSDL library ?

Paul Prescod wrote:
>> Even so, XML-RPC really is a hack. It doesn't support Unicode, has a
>> silly definition of float, is needlessly bloated (to the point of
>> obfuscation) , has no way of inlining XML elements etc. You could have
>> something just as easy to use that wasn't a hack. e.g.    (01)

1. I think the ASCII string requirement is widely ignored
2. What's wrong with the float definition (aside from being vague)?
3. If you are trying to inline XML elements then you have a peg/hole
mismatch :-)    (02)

One of thing things that I really like about XML-RPC is that it is easy
to use from many languages, including statically typed ones like C. I
think that is because all of the XML-RPC types are reasonably easy to
deal with in C and the fixed format allows almost all of the
marshalling/unmarshalling logic to be done at the library level.     (03)

Brian    (04)