Photo by Benjamin.

Over dinner, my 11-year old nephew, Elliott, felt inspired to write. This is what he shared:

Time is what makes the universe age. It is what makes us grow up and pass away. You cannot stop it or go back in it.

Time is not good or bad. It is time. Nothing else.

Time will not bend to your needs. It goes quicker when your actions seem fun.

Because of time, leaves grow old and fall off the tree. Time makes us mature… if we let it.

Many wish that time would stop at one point in their life. Is this greed? Is it greedy to have this desire? I, for one, do not know. This point will be argued if you ask multiple people.

Time occurs everywhere. It cannot be avoided. Time will never end. It will not end for you even if you think it will. You will keep aging even if you are gone from the mortal world.

Time with your loved ones is short. Make that time with them count.

Photo by my 5-year old nephew, Benjamin.

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