Sports and Collaboration

My friend, Andrew, recently gave me the book, Scorecasting. Just started reading it (thank you, Kindle), and I came across this excerpt:

Exploring the hidden side of sports reveals the following:

  • That which is recognizable or apparent is often given too much credit, whereas the real answer often lies concealed.
  • Incentives are powerful motivators and predictors of how athletes, coaches, owners, and fans behave — sometimes with undesirable consequences.
  • Human biases and behavior play a pivotal role in almost every aspect of life, and sports are no exception.
  • The role of luck is underappreciated and often misunderstood.

As with most things having to do with sports, these principles also apply to anything related to collaboration. If only we had as much data about our work lives as we do about our favorite sports teams.

Off to watch the Lakers….

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